Sunshine Advanced Rain Forest 2.0

Sunshine Advanced Rain Forest 2.0
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Product Description

Potting soil that packs a natural nutrient punch!

Use Rainforest Blend for your outdoor container gardens. It's a balanced formulation that allows for proper drainage. The formula is myco-active; we use only high-functioning endo-mycorrhizae useless ecto "filler" strains which will colonize only certain types of trees like spruce and fir.

Rainforest blend is biological "brute", fortified with worm castings and humic acid to bring the mix alive. And it's a nutrient jungle with alfalfa, kelp and feather meal to boost growth. With this kind of nutrient wallop, you can grow with confidence!



50.0 lbs.

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22.0L x 35.0W x 6.5H