T5 4Ft/6-Tube Designer System w/ Bulbs
Delta 5.6 Block, 3"x3"x4", case of 256
Hum-bolt Micro 32 oz.
Adujust-A-Wing Reflector
Hum-bolt Grow 32 oz.
Hum-bolt Bloom 32 oz.
"Dust Shroom" 6 inch
"Dust Shroom" 8 inch
(Kulli) Black Incan Corn (20 seeds)
(T5 Kit Only) 2' Jump Start - 24w/HO/6500K
(T5 Kit Only) 4' Jump Start - 54w/HO/6500K
1 Gallon Smart Pot 7"x 5.5"
1" inch (25mm) Drain Bottom
1/2" (13mm) Drain Bottom
1/2" Elbow Barbed
1/2" Grommet
1/2" Straight Barbed pack of 10
1/2" Tee Barbed
1/4" Double Barbed Tee Connector
1/4" Double Barbed Tee Connector, pack of 50
1/8 Rope Ratchet - 2 per pack
10 inch In-Line Fan 760 CFM
10" 1 Micron Sediment Filter
10" Bucket Basket Lid
10" Carbon Block
100 GPD Membrane
1000 ml (1 liter) Measuring Cup
1000 Watt Eye Hortilux HPS bulb
1000w Eiko High Pressure Sodium Bulb
12 inch In-Line Duct Fan 969 CFM
12 Outlet Copper Air Divider
12" x 12" Square White Pot, 12" Tall
125 W Compact Fluorescent Bulb - Daylight
125 W Compact Fluorescent Bulb - Warm
15 Amp, 3750W, 240v Timer
15' Lock & Seal Lamp Cord Extension
150 GPD Membrane
1500 ppm Calibration Solution 8 oz
150W High Pressure Sodium Bulb
1600 X-clude Time Release Pyrethrum 20 oz.
180 CFM Active Air Blower
19" Cool Tube w/ cord
2 Tray AeroJet Aeroponics Hydrogarden
2" Net Cup
2" Root Guard
2' Ft Flexible Air Stone
2' X 4' Flood Table
200 W Compact Fluorescent Bulb - Daylight
220 Mesh Filter Bag
25 GAL Reservoir
25 Gal Reservoir Cover
250 ml Measuring Cup
250W High Pressure Sodium Bulb
250W Hortilux Super High Pressure Sodium
250W Metal Halide Bulb
265 CFM Active Air Blower
3 Filter Bag Set
3 gal Black Bucket
3 Gallon Smart Pot 10"x 8.5"
3" Green bamboo Stake 25 pack
3" Net Cup
3' Ft. Flexible Air Stone
3.75" Net Cup
3/4" inch (19mm) drain bottom
360' degree Aeroponic Mister
4 inch In-Line Fan 165 CFM
4 Lights/Load Switcher, 240V In, 120V Out, 120V Trigger
4 Tray AeroJet Aeroponics Hydrogarden
4" Kord Square Pot
4" Bamboo Stake 25 pack
4' Ft. Flexible Air Stone
400W High Pressure Sodium Bulb
400w Metal Halide Bulb
45" Vertical Reflector
45' degree angled drip stake
465 CFM Active Air Blower System
5 Filter Bag Set
5 gal Black Bucket
5 Gallon Smart Pot 12"x 10.5"
5" Net cup
5" Root Guard
5" x 5" Square White Pot, 7" Tall
50 gal Reservoir
50 gal Reservoir Cover
500 ml Measuring Cup
55-Cell Tray Insert
6 Outlet Adjustable Manifold
6 Outlet Copper Air Divider
6 RPM Intelli-drive motor w/ 0-60 sec. time delay
6 Tray AeroJet Aeroponics Hydrogarden
6" Air King Clip on Fan
6" Clip On Fan
6" Ice Box Heat Exchanger
6" Net Cup
6" Wide Mount Flange
6" x 6" Square White Pot, 8" Tall
6' Add A Lamp Kit
6' Rail w/ 6 RPM intelli-drive motor
6" Inline Fan 400 CFM
6" Wide Lip Basket
6' Bamboo Stakes, Natural, pack of 25
60 CFM Active Air Blower System
600w Eiko High Pressure Sodium Bulb
7 Day Dual Outlet Digital Timer
7" x 7" Square White Pot, 9" Tall
7.5" Vented Dome
72 Cell Pack Insert
8 'x 4' Flood Table
8 Outlet Copper Air Divider
8" Max Fan 675 CFM
8" Raptor Reflector
8" Wide Mount Flange
8" Inline Fan 720 CFM
8' Cord Set w/ Socket for Vertical Hanging For CFL Bulbs
9" x 9" Square White Pot, 10" Tall
95 CFM Active Air Blower System
Active Air 10" Flange
Active Air 12" Flange
Active Air 13" X 12" Carbon Filter - No Flange
Active Air 18" X 5" Carbon Filter - No Flange
Active Air 20" X 16" Carbon filter - No Flange
Active Air 25" X 5" Carbon Filter - No Flange
Active Air 26" X 12" Carbon Filter - No Flange
Active Air 30" X 16" Carbon Filter - No Flange
Active Air 4" Flange
Active Air 40" X 16" Carbon Filter - No Flange
Active Air 5" Flange
Active Air 50" X 16" Carbon Filter
Active Air 6" Flange
Active Air 60" X 16" Carbon Filter - No Flange
Active Air 8" Flange
Active Air Hygro-Thermometer
Active Air Infinity Fan 16"
Active Aqua Chiller, 1 HP
ActiveAir 3 - Way Meter
ActiveAir Inline Booster Fan 6in
ActiveAir Inline Booster Fan 8in
ActiveAqua 160 GPH Pump
ActiveAqua 2' X 2' Humidome
ActiveAqua 2' x 4' Humidome
ActiveAqua 3' X 3' Humidome
ActiveAqua Chiller, refrigeration unit 1/10 HP
ActiveAqua Chiller, refrigeration unit 1/2 HP
ActiveAqua Chiller, refrigeration unit 1/4 HP
ActiveAqua Pump 1000 GPH
ActiveAqua Pump 250 GPH
ActiveAqua Pump 400 GPH
ActiveAqua Pump 550 GPH
ActiveAqua Pump 800 GPH
Adding Biology for Soil and Hydroponic Systems
Adjustable Recycling Timer
AeroTube - 4ft. Square Chamber - drilled on 8" centers for 3" net cups (5 sites)
Agrobrite Standing Plant Lamp, 27W
Agrobrite T5 648W 4' 12-Tube Fixture with Lamps
Air King 18" Oscillating Wall Mount Fan
Air Pump with 1 outlets 3.2 lt per minute
Air Pump with 2 outlets 7.8 lt per minute
Air Pump with 4 Outlets - 15L/Min
Air Stone 12" (30cm)
Air Stone 6" (15cm)
Air Stone Cylinder, Large
Air Stone Cylinder, Medium
Air Stone Cylinder, Small
Air Stone Round 4"
Algen Extract 1L
All Purpose Guano 1 lb.
All Purpose Guano 11 lb.
All Reflector Hanging Hooks 1 pair
All System Cord Set 15' cord
Amarillo Carrot (800 seeds)
Amino Treatment 250ml
Amsterdam Prickly Seeded Spinach (250 seeds)
Analog 24hr Day & Night Cooling/Heating Thermometer
Analog 24hr Recycling Timer
Analog CO2 Controller
Ancient Forest .5 CF Humus Soil Amendment
Aqua Flakes A&B 1L
Aqua Flores A & B 1L pair
Aqua Vega A & B 1L pair
Aquadulce Fava Bean (25 seeds)
AquaShield 1qt
Aquashield Compost Solution, 2.5 Gal
Aquashield Compost Solution, gal
Atami CocoFiber, 50 lt Bag (70/plt)
Atmosphere CO2 Controller
Aura Systems 12,000 BTU Air Conditioner
Aura Systems 18,000 BTU Air Conditioner
Aura Systems 24,000 BTU Air Conditioner
Aura Systems 36,000 BTU Air Conditioner
Auxilliary Trolley for LR3.5 (Slave Trolley)
Awesome Blossoms, 500ml
Axial Inline Fan 6" Intake/Exhaust
AzaMax 4 oz
Azatrol 16oz
B'Cuzz Grow 32oz
B'Cuzz HydroMix 3.8 Cubic foot bale
B'Cuzz Root 32oz
B'Cuzz Bloom 1 gal
B'Cuzz Bloom 32oz
B-52 Fertilizer Booster 1L
B. Seaweed, 500 ml
B.C. Bloom, 1 lt
B.C. Boost, 1 lt
B.C. Grow, 1 lt
Back To The Roots Water Garden
BaddAss 1000w HPS Bulb
BaddAss Blades
BaddAss Low Frequency Ballast 1000w
Basil - Lettuce Leaf (100 seeds)
Basket Drip Stake w/Cage
Batteries for pH/TDS pen
Better flaps around the door and the windows using Velcro to insure it is light-tight
Bhut Jolokia or Ghost Pepper (10 seeds) (Hot)
Big Bud Bloom Booster Liquid 1L
Big Mama 8"x8"x8"
Big Up Powder 4 oz.
Bill's Perfect Fertilizer 8oz
Bio Clean Green 1gal
Bio Clean Green 1qt
Bio Clean Green 32 oz
BioBizz Coco-Mix 50L bag
BioBud Qt
BioMarine Qt
BioRoot Qt
BioThrive Bloom Gal
BioThrive Bloom Qt.
BioThrive Grow Gal
BioThrive Grow Qt.
BioWeed Qt
Black & White Poly 50' x 10' 5.5mm
Black & White Poly, 100' x 10', 5.5 mil
Black & White Poly, 100' x 10', 5.5 mil per ft.
Black Flood Table/Tray, 2' X 2'
Black Flood Table/Tray, 3' X 3'
Black Flood Table/Tray, 3' X 6'
Black Flood Table/Tray, 4' x 4'
Blocker/Shield Reflector, 100' roll
Blocker/Shield Reflector, 25' roll
Bloom Natural 32oz.
Bloombastic 325ml
Blue Berries Tomato (15 seeds)
Blue Lake Bush 274 Bean (40-60 seeds)
Blue Podded Blauwschokkers Garden Pea (75 seeds)
BlueLab Combo Meter
Bluelab Guardian Monitor
Bluelab pH meter with probe
Bluelab Soil pH Tester
Bluelab Truncheon
Bonsai Shears 40mm
Books & Videos
Botanicare 25-Plant Clone Machine
Botanicare Cocogro Coir Fiber Bale 5kg
Botanicare Cocogro Premium Organic Soilless Grow Media 1.75 cu ft loose bag
Bud Candy 1L
Bud Factor X 1L
Bud Igniter 1L
Bud-XL 1L
Budswel 1 gal
BushLoad Qt
Bushmaster 8 oz
C.A.P. 8 Light Controller w/Dual Trigger
Cal 1L
Cal-Mag Plus 1 qt
Cal-Mag Plus 2.5 gal
Cal-Mag Plus, 1 gal
CaMg+ Qt
Can 6" Max-Fan, 334 CFM
Canna Coco 50L Bags
Canna Rhizotonic 1L
Canna Start 1L
CannaBoost Accelerator 1L
Cannazym 1L
CAP Co2 Controller w/ PPM Option Temp / Humidity 4 Timer
CAP Humidity Controller
CAP Ozone Generator 5500 sq feet 1 lamp
Carboload Liquid 1L
Champ pH Tester
Chantenay Red Core Carrot (800 seeds)
Charcoal Fiber Filter 10"
Charcoal Fiber Filter 12"
Charcoal Fiber Filter 4"
Charcoal Fiber Filter 6"
Charcoal Fiber Filter 8"
Charcoal Filter Elf
Charcoal Filter Goblin
Chocolate Habanero Pepper (25 seeds) (Hot)
Chocolate Tomato (25 seeds)
Cilantro (100 seeds)
Classic 30/75 Slab 12" x 3", case of 8
Classroom Hydroponic Plant Factory
Clear 10" Saucer
Clear Saucer
Clearex - Salt Leaching Solution 1 qt
Clearex- Salt Leaching solution 1 Gal
Climate Control / CO2
Clonex Clone Solution, 1 qt
Clonex Packet
Clonex Rooting Gel 100ml
Clonex Rooting Gel, 250 mL
CNS17 Grow 8oz
CNS17 Bloom Quart
CNS17 Coco Grow qt
CNS17 Ripe 8 oz.
CNS17 Ripe QT
CO2 Gas Detection Sensor
Co2 Generator 1-4 Burner
CO2 Generator PPM Controller, complete w/PPM sensor
CO2 Test Kit
Coco A & B 1L pair
Coco-Can Croutons 28lt bag
Coco-Wet 8oz
Cocos A&B 1L
CocoTek Mixed Bricks
Commercial Air Pump with 6 outlets, 45 lt per minute
Commercial Air Pump with 8 outlets, 70 lt per minute
Commercial Air Pump with12 outlets, 110 lt per minute
Commercial DE Open Lighting System, 120-240V
Commercial T5 2FT 4 Tube Fixture w/ Bulbs
Commercial T5 4 foot / 4 Tube Fixture w/ Bulbs
Commercial T5 4 foot / 6 Tube Fixture w/ Bulbs
Commercial T5 4 foot / 8 Tube Fixture w/ Bulbs
Compact Fluorescent System with Dew guard
Complete 400w Light Combo
Complete 600w Light Combo
Complete Green House Controller w/ PPM Option
Complete Grow Light Systems
Complete Raptor and Lumatek 1000w Light Combo
Complete Raptor and S&G Lite 1000w Light Combo
Complete Raptor and Xtrasun 1000w Light Combo
Complete S&G 1000w Light Combo
Complete SG Lite 1000W Light Combo
Complete Super Large Reflector 6" Combo
Complete Super Large Reflector 8" Combo
Complete Xtrasun 1000w Light Combo
Complete Xtrasun 600w Light Combo
Connoisseur 1L Part A & B
Cosmic Purple Carrot (300 seeds)
Country Gentleman Sweet Corn (75 seeds)
Crucial Elements 100gpd RO
Crucial Elements 200gpd RO
Crucial Elements 50gpd RO
Crucial Elements Blue Marlin 1000 GPD RO
Crystal Burst Qt
Cultilene Grow Slabs 36x6x3
Cultilene Starter Plug Sheet Of 98
Cut Kit Tray 10" x 20" with dome
Cutting Edge Combo
Daystar AC Reflector - 6" Flange (lens included)
Daystar Reflector
Delta 10 Block, 4"x4"x4", case of 144
Delta 4 Block 3"x3"x2.5 with hole 8 per strip
Delta 4 Block, 3"x3"x2.5" with hole, case of 384
Delta 5.6 Block, 3"x3"x4" 6 per strip
Desktop CO2 Monitor
DeuceDeuce 32 oz.
Devil's Ear Lettuce (50 seeds)
Diamond Black Qt
Diamond Nectar 1 gal
Diamond Nectar 1 qt
Digital Cooling Thermostat
Digital Light Meter (Footcandles)
Digital Temp Controller for Heat Mat
Doktor Doom Mini Total Release Fogger 3 oz.
Doktor Doom Spider Mite Knockdown
Doktor Doom Total Release Fogger 5.5 oz.
Don't Bug Me" Pyrethrin Spray - Ready-to-use
Double Barbed Elbow 1/4" inch
Double Barbed Elbow 1/4" inch, pack of 50
Double Barbed Straight Connector 1/4" inch
Double Barbed Straight Connector 1/4" inch. Pack of 50
Drip Clean 1L
Drive Wheel O-Ring Kit (Tension Spring, O-Ring, Nut, Bolt)
Dual 4" Flange Kit
Dual 6" Flange Kit
Dual Air Cool Tube - 48"
Dual Air Cool Tube - 60"
Dual Outlet Grounded Timer
Duct Fan Speed Adjuster
Duct Fan Speed Adjuster
DuctStat Plug-In Thermostat
Dust Shroom 4"
Dust Shroom 6"
Dust Shroom 8"
Dyna-Gro Pro-TeKt 8 oz
Dyna-Gro Pure Neem Oil 8oz
Earth Juice Assist, 1qt
Earth Juice Bloom 1 Gal
Earth Juice Bloom 1 qt
Earth Juice Bloom 2.5 Gal
Earth Juice Catalyst, 1qt
Earth Juice Escential Spray, 1 qt
Earth Juice Grow 1 Gal
Earth Juice Grow 1qt
Earth Juice Grow 2.5 Gal
Earth Juice META-K, 1 qt
Earth Juice Microblast 1 Gal
Earth Juice Microblast 1qt
Earth Juice Microblast 2.5 Gal
Earth Juice Natural Down, 1lb.
Earth Juice Natural Up, 1lb.
Easy Glide Light Hanging Kit
Ebb & Gro Hydro System, Complete
EcoPlus Commercial Grade Water Chiller 1-1/2 HP
Edirne Purple Striped Eggplant (25-35 seeds)
Emily's Garden System
Equilibrium Natural 32 oz.
Ethiopian Brown Pepper (25 seeds) (Hot)
EuroGrower Complete 8 Pots
Expert 15/75 Slab, 36"x6"x3"
Extra Dwarf Pak Choy (200 seeds)
EZ Clone Machine 128 Plant Sites
EZ Clone Machine 32 Plant Sites
EZ Clone Machine 64 Plant Sites
EZ Clone Neoprene Insert, bag of 35
F.Y.I. Hydroponics
Fans Filters and Blowers
Farm Kit
Final 1L
Final Flush
Final Phase 1L
Floating Thermometer
Flora Blend-Vegan Compost Tea 0.5-1-1. 1 gal
Flora Blend-Vegan Compost Tea 0.5-1-1. 1 qt
Flora Bloom 1 Gal
Flora Bloom 2.5 Gal
Flora Micro 1 Gal
Flora Micro 1qt
Flora Micro 2.5 Gal
Flora Nectar Fruit-n-Fusion Sweetener - 1 qt
Flora Nectar Pineapple 1qt
FloraBloom 1qt
FloraBloom 6 gal
FloraDuo A 1 qt
FloraDuo B 1 qt
FloraGro 1 Gal
FloraGro 1 qt
FloraGro 2.5 Gal
FloraGro 6 gal
FloraKleen 1 gal
Floralicious Bloom 1 Gal
Floralicious Bloom 1 qt
Floralicious Grow 1 Gal
Floralicious Grow 1 Qt
Floralicious Plus 8 oz
FloraMato, 1.5lbs.
FloraMicro 6 gal
FloraNova Bloom 1 gal
FloraNova Bloom 1 qt
FloraNova Grow 1 gal
FloraNova Grow 1 qt
Florida Market Eggplant (25-35 seeds)
Florigen 1L
Fluorescent Lighting
Fordhook Zucchini Squash (20 seeds)
Fox Farm Beastie Bloomz 1lb
Fox Farm Big Bloom Liquid Concentrate 1 Gal
Fox Farm Big Bloom Liquid Concentrate 1 qt
Fox Farm Cha Ching 1lb
Fox Farm Grow Big Liquid Concentrate 1 Gal
Fox Farm Grow Big Liquid Concentrate 1 qt
Fox Farm Open Sesame 1lb
Fox Farm Planting Mix 1 Cubic foot
Fox Farm Tiger bloom 1 Gal
Fox Farm Tiger bloom 1qt
Garden Accessories
Gardening Indoors with CO2
Gardening Indoors with Cuttings
Gardening Indoors with H.I.D. Lights
Gardening Indoors with Rockwool
Gardening Indoors; the Indoor Gardener's Bible
Gavita Pro E-Series 1000e DE Slime Line 208-240 volt
Georgia Rattlesnake Watermelon (25-35 seeds)
German Red Strawberry Tomato (25 seeds)
GH AeroFlo 18 site (2 boxes)
GH AeroFlo 2-20 Site Aeroponics system
GH Aeroflo2 - 60 Site
GH AeroFlo2- 36 Site
GH Power Grower 8 Pack
GH Power Grower Eco Complete
Ginormous 32 oz.
Go Box Starter Kit
Go Box Starter Kit
goGNATS Liquid Concentrate, 16 oz
Gold Princess Onion (300+ seeds)
Grandma Enggy's F-1 1L
Grandma Enggy's H-2 1L
Grandpa Admire's Lettuce (250 seeds)
Gravity 8oz
Gravity, 1 gal
Gravity, 32 oz
Grodan 36"X6"X3" Slabs, case of 12
Grodan Delta 10 4"X4"X4" Rockwool Cubes
Grodan Mini Cubes, 1 Cubic Foot bag
Grodan Mini Cubes, 2 Cubic Feet bag
Grodan Mini Cubes, 2 Cubic Feet bag, case of 3
Grodan Rockwool AOk starter Sheet of 98 1.5"x1.5"x1.5"
Grow Bag 1 gal
Grow Bag 2 gal
Grow Bag 3 gal
Grow Bag 5 gal
Grow Flow 7-Gal Controller & Bucket Kit
Grow Flow Expansion Kit, 6 pots, 2 Gal
Grow Natural 32 oz.
Growing Media
Growzilla Dual Bulb Reflector w/ cordsets
Guano Filtration - 5 Gal, 4 bag Kit w/12 x 10 pressing screen
Hanna 1382 PPM@25C Calibration Solution, 20mL
Hanna 1382ppm Solution, 230ml
Hanna 1413ppmS/cm Sol. 230mL
Hanna Checker pH Tester with Replaceable Electrode
Hanna Combo pH/EC/TDS/C/PPM Tester
Hanna Continuous pH/TDS/temp Monitor
Hanna Electrode Cleaner 16 oz
Hanna Primo TDS Tester
Hanna Storage Solution, 16 oz
Hannna pHep
Happy Frog All Purpose
Happy Frog Fruit & Flower
Happy Frog Potting Soil, 2 cubic feet (51.4 dry qts)
Happy Frog Tomato & Vegetable
Harvest Master Climate Controller Pro
He Shi Ko Bunching Onion (300 seeds)
Heat Sheid for XT6AC
Heat Shield Fan Cover
Heat Shield for RD6AC
Heat Shield for RD8AC
HID Lighting Controller, Hi-Temp Shutdown, 50-115'f, 15-Amp@120vac
HID Lighting Controller, Hi-Temp Shutdown, 50-115'f, 15-Amp@120vac
Hidroponia Basica
HM Digital Portable/Wall Mount/Bench Continuous pH/EC/TDS/Temp
Home Garden Pump 40 GPH
Honey Hydro Carbs 32 oz.
Honey Organic ES 32 oz.
Hortilux Blue (Daylight) Metal Halide 250w
Hortilux Metal Halide BT37 Small, Universal, 1000W
Hortilux Metal Halide Horizontal HO, 400W
Hortilux Super HPS Enhanced Spectrum Bulb, 400W
Hortilux Super HPS Enhanced Spectrum Bulb, 600W
Hose Bib Adaptor
Hot House w/ Heat Mat tray 72 cell pack
How-To Hydroponics - 4th ed.
Hugo Gro-Block 6"x6" x 5.8"per cube
Hugo Gro-Block, 6"x6"x5.8", with hole 40/40, case of 48
Hum-bolt Ginormous 16 oz.
Hum-bolt humic 16 oz.
Hum-bolt Verde 16 oz.
Humate 1L
Humboldt Grow 1 gal.
Humboldt Micro 1 gal.
Humboldt Roots 125 ml.
Humboldt Roots 50 ml.
Humic Acids, 15% 250ml
Humidity/ Temp Controller
Humidome 24" x 44" x 7" dome only
Hydro Components
Hydro Hut Control Board
Hydrofarm CO2 W/ Timer Large Area
Hydrofarm Light Meter (Footcandles)
Hydrofarm Tray, 12" X 41" X 4"
Hydrofarm Tray, 8" X 41"x4"
HydroGEN Water Cooled Co2 Generator
Hydroplex Bloom 8oz
Hydroplex Bloom Qt
Hydroponic Solutions - Vol. 1
Hydroponic systems
Hydroponics & Microfarms
Hydroponics Explained Video
Hydroton 25lbs
Hydroton 50L
Hygrozyme 1lt
Hygrozyme 500ml
Hygrozyme, 4 lt
In Line Dual TDS Meter
Indigo Apple Tomato (10 seeds)
Indonesian Bat Guano 2.2lb Bag
Indonesian Guano 11 lb.
Indoor Greenhouse / Hydro Huts
Inside Of Hydo Hut
Inside Of Hydo Hut
Inside Picture Of Hydo Hut
Inside Picture Of Hydro Hut
Inside Picture Of Hydro Huts
Insta-Green 1L
International Measure Mug
Ishikura Onion (300 seeds)
Jamacian Bat Guano 2.2lb Bag
Jamacian Guano 11 lb.
Jump Start Grow Light System - 2 Ft. (Stand, Fixture & Tube)
Jump Start Grow Light System - 4 Ft. (Stand, Fixture & Tube)
Just Coir, 2 Cubic Feet
KoolBloom 2.2lbs
Lemon Squash (20 seeds)
Lemongrass (60 seeds)
Light Flipper-10
Light Flipper-2
Light Flipper-20
Light Flipper-4
Light Flipper-6
Light Flipper-8
Light Reflector/ Hoods
Light Track System 4'
Light Track System 6'
Light Warrior Soilless Mix 1 Cubic Foot
Lighthouse 2'x4' Indoor Greenhouse
Lighthouse 4'x4' Indoor Greenhouse
Lighthouse 4'x8' Indoor Greenhouse
Lighting Accessories
Liquid Karma 1 gal
Liquid Karma, 1 qt
Liquid Karma, 2.5 gal
Liquid Koolbloom 1 qt
Liquid Koolbloom gal
Lollo De Vino Lettuce (150 seeds)
Lumatek 1000W 120/240V HPS/MH Dimmable E-Ballast
Lumatek 1000W 240v HPS/MH E-Ballast 240v Only
Lumatek 400W 120/240V HPS/MH Dimmable E-Ballast
Lumatek 600W 120/240V HPS/MH Dimmable E-Ballast
Lumatek 600W 240v HPS/MH Dual E-Ballast
Magic Green 500ml
Magical 1lt
Marine Cuisine Dry Fertilizer
Master Light Controller 30 AMP @ 120/240vac 4 plug
Master-A, 32 oz.
Master-B, 32 oz.
Max-Fan 10" 1023 CFM
Max-Fan 12" 1709 CFM
MaxiBloom, 2.2lbs.
MaxiGro, 2.2 lbs.
Maxlume 1000w H.P.S.
Mayan Microzyme 4 oz.
MC Dripline (1/8" line w/stakes)
Measure Cup W/ Logo 8oz
Megagarden System
Merlin Garden Pro High Flow RO System
Merlin GP UV Sterlizer Kit
Mexican Bat Guano 1lb Bag
Mexican Guano 5 lb.
Milwaukee 3 function SM802
Milwaukee Sugar Refractometer
Milwaukee TDS/PPM T75 Tester WP
Mini Clipper
Mini Measure Shot Glass
Mini MM 40/40 6/15 Block, 1.5"x1.5"x1.5"
Mini Sunburst HPS 150w w/ Lamp
Mogul to Mogul Adaptor
Monster Bloom
Monster Grow
Morris Heading Collards (250 seeds)
Multi Zen 1L
MycoMadness 4 oz.
Net Planter 6" Square x 7" Tall
Net Planter 6" Square x 7" Tall, pack of 50
Nitrogen Boost 1L
Non GMO Seeds
Non-Adjustable Timer, Factory Settings, 1 Min On/4 Min Off, 15 Amp@120vac
Non-Insulated Air Duct 10"-25'
Non-Insulated Air Duct 12"-25'
Non-Insulated Air Duct 4"-25'
Non-Insulated Air Duct 6"-25'
Non-Insulated Air Duct 8"-25'
Nutra-Dip continuous Tri meter (pH, PPM & Temperature)
Oakton Waterproof EC Tester High (0-19.90 mS / 1% FS)
Oakton Waterproof EC Tester Low (0-1990)
Ocean Forest Qt
Ocean Forest Soil 1.5 Cubic feet
Olivia's Cloning Gel 2oz
Olivia's Cloning Solution 1qt
Olivia's Cloning Solution, 1 gal
Ona Gel Fresh Linen 1 gallon
Ona Liquid 1 gal Pail
Ona Liquid 1 qt
Ona Mist 7oz
Ona Mist Aerosol Dispenser
Oneness 32 oz.
Ooze 1L
Open Sesame, 2lbs
Orange Bell Pepper (20 seeds) (Sweet)
Orchid Culture & Hydroponics
Organic Air 10" HEPA air filter
Organic Air 12" HEPA air filter
Organic Air 4" HEPA air filter
Organic Air 6" HEPA air filter
Organic Air 8" HEPA air filter
Organic S.W.T.N.R 1L
Overdrive 1L
oxyCLONE 20 Site System
Perma Duct 4" - 25 ft
Perma Duct 6" - 25 ft.
Perma Duct 8" - 25 ft.
Permaflect 25' x 54"
Peruvian Guano 11 lb.
Peruvian Guano 40 lb.
Peruvian Seabird guano 2.2lb Bag
pH 4.01 Calibration Solution 8 oz
pH 7.0 Calibration Solution 8 oz
PH Down 1 gal Acid
pH Down 1 qt Acid
pH Test Indicator 1oz
PH Test Kit
pH Up 1 qt Base
PH Up gal Base
pH/EC Maintenance
Phat 1L
Picture Of Hydro Hut
Piggy Back Membrane
Pineapple Tomato (25 seeds)
Piranha Beneficial Fungi 50g
PK 13/14 1L
Plant Care
Plant It 10L
Plant It 25L
Plant It 45L
Plant It 5L
Plant Nutrient Facts for Hydroponics, and how to make your own fully formulated plant nutrient.
Planter 5 1/2" Sq x 5 1/2" Tall
Plantmax 1000w High Pressure Sodium
Plantmax 250w Metal Halide
Plantmax 250w Sodium
Plantmax 400w High Pressure Sodium Bulb
Plantmax 400w HPS Conversion
Plantmax 400w Metal Halide
Plantmax 600w High Pressure Sodium Bulb
Plug Adapter Brand S
Portable Digital AC 14,000 BTU
Pots and Containers
Power Clone Sol 4oz
Power Clone Sol 8oz
Power Cloner 45 Machine
Power Plant Deluxe
Pre 1L
Precision Pruner
Pro Reflector, Bracket w/ hardware
Pro-Mix BX Mycorrihizae
Pro-Mix HP Mycorrhizae
ProZyme 32 oz.
Pumps- Air & Water
Pure Blend Bloom 1 Gal
Pure Blend Bloom 1qt
Pure Blend Bloom 2.5 Gal
Pure Blend Grow 1 Gal
Pure Blend Grow 1 QT
Pure Blend Grow 2.5 Gal
Pure Blend Pro Bloom 1 Gal
Pure Blend Pro Bloom 1 qt
Pure Blend Pro Bloom 2.5 Gal
Pure Blend Pro Gro 1 Gal
Pure Blend Pro Gro 1 quart
Pure Blend Pro Gro 2.5 Gal
Purge III
Purple Beauty Pepper (25 seeds) (Sweet)
Purple Bumble Bee Tomato
Purple Jalapeno Pepper (25-50 seeds) (Hot)
Purple Max 8oz
Purple Pear Tomato (25 seeds)
Purple Podded Pole Bean (40-60 seeds)
Purple Russian Tomato (25 seeds)
Quantum 1000w Digital Ballast
Quantum 400w Digital Ballast
Quantum 600w Digital Ballast
Radiant 6" Air Cool Reflector
Radiant 8" Air Cool Reflector
Radiant Reflector Unit with cord set
RainForest Modular 236- Vortex Sprayer
Rapid Rooter Replacement 50 plugs
Rapid Rooter Tray - 50 cell tray & plugs
Rapid Start Root Enhancer 275ml
Raptor Ref. 6" AC Unit
Receptacle Adapter Brand S
Recipe For Success Starter Kits
Red Romaine Lettuce (250 seeds)
Red Wonder Wild Strawberry (75 seeds)
Reflective Mylar Film, 50' x 4 1/2', 1 mil
Reflective Mylar Film, 50' x 4 1/2', 2 mil
Roberie Okra (25 seeds)
Roma Tomato (25 seeds)
Romanesco Italia Broccoli (300 seeds)
ROOT 66 (1-1-1) 250 ml
Root Riot Tray 25 sites
Root Riot Tray 50 site
Roots 1L
Roots Excelurator 250 ml
Roots Organics Coco Mix 1.5 Cubic Feet
Roots Organics Soil. 1.5 Cubic Feet
Round Air Stone 8.5"x1"
Royal Golden Watermelon (10 seeds)
Russian Red or Ragged Jack Kale (250 seeds)
Safer Insecticidal Soap
Safer's 3 in 1 Garden Spray 32oz
Scotch Bonnet Yellow Pepper (25 seeds) (Hot)
Sea Cal 16 oz.
Sea Cal 32 oz.
Sea Fuel 1L
Sea Mag 16 oz.
Sea Mag 32 oz.
Sea Minerals 1L
Seaweed 1L
Seed Starting/ Cloning
Seedling Heat Mat
Sensi Bloom 1L Part A & B
Sensi Grow 1L Part A & B
Sensizyme 1L
Serenade RTU 32oz
SG 600W 120/240v HPS Lite Ballast,
SG 1000W 120/240v HPS Ballast
SG 1000W 120/240v HPS/MH Convertible Ballast
SG 1000W HPS Open Ballast
SG Lite Ballast 1000W Convertible
Shanghai Green Pak Choy (200 seeds)
Shooting Powder
Silver Edition Hut, 2' x 4'
Silver Edition Hut, 3' x 3'
Silver Edition Hut, 4' x 4'
Silver Edition Hut, 4' x 6'
Silver Edition Hut, 4' x 8'
Silver Edition Hut, 5' X 5'
Silver Hawaiian Supersweet Corn (40 seeds)
Single T5 Fluorescent Fixture with Tube, 24 inches
Single T5 Fluorescent Fixture with Tube, 48 inches
SM-90 1Lt
snap stand
Snow Storm Ultra 32oz
Snow Storm Ultra 8 oz
Soil A&B 1L
Solar Flare Tomato
SolarMax Dual Arc 1000w
SolarMax Metal Halide 600W veg conversion lamp
SolarMax Super High Pressure Sodium 1000W
SolarMax Super High Pressure Sodium 400W
Speckled Lettuce (250 seeds)
Spigot for 6 gal Container
SPO Milwaukee pH - EC - TDS KIT
SPOHydroponic Solutions - Vol. 1
SPOThe Best of Growing Edge Volume 1
SPOThe Best of Growing Edge Volume 3
Spray-N-Grow 8oz
Stainless Steel Duct Clamps - 6"
Stainless Steel Duct Clamps, 4"
Stainless Steel Duct Clamps, 8"
Stealth RO100 Reverse Osmosis Filter
Stealth RO200 Reverse Osmosis Filter
Steel Support Beams For Hydo Hut
Strawberry Popcorn (75 seeds)
Strawberry Watermelon (10 seeds)
Substra Flores A & B 1L pair
Substra Vega A & B 1L pair
Sugar Ann Snap Pea (75 seeds)
SugarDaddy 1 lt
Sun Pulse 1000W MH Pulse Start 6.4K
Sun Pulse 400W MH Pulse Start 6.4K
Sun Pulse 600W MH Pulse Start 6.4K
Sunburst 150W HPS (no bulb)
Sunburst 250W HPS/MH Convertible
Sunburst 400W HPS/MH Convertible
Sunleaves Simple Two-way Ballast, 400W
SunMaster Super Sodium High Output, 1000W
SunPulse Splitter
Sunrise Solo Papaya (10 seeds)
Sunset Lettuce (250 seeds)
Sunshine Advanced Mix #4 1.0
Sunshine Advanced Mix #4 2.2
Sunshine Advanced Rain Forest 2.0
Sunshine Advanced Super Hydro 2.0
Sunshine Advanced Ultra Coir 2.0
Super Coarse Perlite, 100L, 3.53 Cubic Fee
Super Coarse Perlite, 50L, 1.7 Cubic Feet
Super Large Reflector 6"
Super Large Reflector 8
Super Spreader Large for 1000w HPS Bulbs
Super Spreader Medium for 400w & 600w HPS Bulbs
Super Tea 1 Gal
Superoots Air-Pot 1L
Superoots Air-Pot 3L
Superoots Air-Pot 5L
Superthrive 1qt
Superthrive 4oz
Superthrive, 1 Gallon
Sweet Carbo Berry - 2.5 gal
Sweet Carbo Berry - gal
Sweet Carbo Berry 1 quart
Sweet Carbo Citrus - qt
Sweet Carbo Grape Qt.
Sweet Chocolate Pepper (25 seeds) (Sweet)
T144 Turbo Klone
T48 Turbo Klone
T5 2" 6400k (veg) Bulb 24w
T5 2' 3000k (flower) Bulb 24w
T5 2ft/2-Tube Commercial System w/ Bulbs
T5 4' 3000k (flower) Bulb 54w
T5 4' 6400k (veg) Bulb 54w
T5 4Ft/4-Tube Designer System w/ Bulbs
T5 4Ft/8-Tube Designer System w/ Bulbs
T96 Turbo Klone
Tarantula Beneficial Bacteria 50g
TDS-3 Handheld TDS meter
Teaming with Microbes
Tennessee Red Peanut (1 oz unshelled seeds)
Tequila Sunrise Pepper (25 seeds) (Sweet)
Terra Flores 1L
Terra Professional Plus
Terra Vega 1L
The Best of Growing Edge Volume 2
The Chief De-Chlorinator by Crucial Elements
The Insatiable Gardener's Guide
The Rack - Collapsible Drying System
Thirsty Light Long
Thrive Alive B1 Green, 250ml
Thrive Alive B1 Red, 250 ml
Tie Boss 1/4" w/8 ft Rope - 150lb Max Load
Timelapse PlantCam
Tom Thumb Lettuce (250 seeds)
Tomato: A guide to the pleasures of choosing, growing, and cooking
Tomato: A guide to the pleasures of choosing, growing, and cooking 2
Top Booster 1L
Trinidad Scorpion Pepper (10 seeds) (Hot)
Trolley Wheel Replacement Kit
Ultra 1L
Un Paso Mas en la Hidroponia
Universal Power Module, 15 amps @ 120vac
Used Commercial T5 4FT 8 Tube Fixture
Used Items
Ushio 1000W Super High Pressure Sodium Bulb
Uvonair 1000 Junior
Uvonair 3000 Standard
Uvonair 5000 Plus
Verde 32 oz.
Vermifire Nutrient Rich Potting Soil 1.5cf
Vita Grow Rooting Compound 4oz
Voodoo Juice 500ml
Wall Mount Fan 16"
Water Filtration
Water Proof Eco Tester TDS Low
WaterFarm Complete
WaterFarm Controller Kit Terra Cotta (8 farms & controller)
WaterFarm module w/ Farm Kit
Waterproof EcoTester pH1
Waterproof EcoTester pH2
Waterproof PT Testr 35 (pH & TDS)
Wet Betty 4L
White Flood Table 2' x 4' no dome
White Scallop Squash (20 seeds)
Wiggle Worm, 30lbs.
Xtrasun 1000w 120/240v HPS Ballast
Xtrasun 1000W 120/240v HPS/MH Convertible Ballast
Xtrasun 1000W 120/240v HPS/MH E-Ballast
Xtrasun 400W 120/240v HPS Ballast
Xtrasun 400W 120/240v HPS/MH Convertible Ballast
Xtrasun 400w 120/240v MH Ballast
Xtrasun 42" Parabolic HV Reflector
Xtrasun 600w 120/240v HPS Ballast
Xtrasun 600W 120/240v HPS/MH E-Ballast
Xtrasun 8" Air Cooled Reflector
Xtrasun AirCool Reflector w/6" Flange
Xtrasun II Aluminum Wing Reflector w/ Cord Set
Xtrasun Mondo Reflector
Xtrasun White Reflector - Air Coolable w/ Cord Set
Zebrune Shallot Onion (100 seeds)