Canna Rhizotonic 1L

Canna Rhizotonic 1L
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CANNA RHIZOTONIC is a powerful, algae based, vegetative stimulator for roots of fast-growing plants that already have roots or root initials. RHIZOTONIC stimulates further root development, increases the plant’s resistance to disease and promotes its inner and outer strength.

RHIZOTONIC is 100% natural, and contains multiple vitamins. RHIZOTONIC influences the root environment and is the ideal supplement for the crop environment created by the grower. RHIZOTONIC has a calming effect on plants, and is ideally suited for use when shipping or re-potting plants. RHIZOTONIC will also improve plants that are unhealthy or poorly developed.

RHIZOTONIC can be used regardless of the type of medium. It is suitable for cultivation in potting soil and hydro culture. RHIZOTONIC is often sprayed on leaves and can be used as a simple means for raising the pH level in fertilizer tanks.

Root stimulant

RHIZOTONIC adds more than 60 microbiological substances that considerably speeds up the growth of a balanced root environment. Various trace elements and vitamins such as B1&B2 have been added to RHIZOTONIC in to stimulate the plant production of hormones and root growth, thus providing better and stronger roots.

Vital plants

Good results start with a healthy plant. There are many different ways of stimulating plants aside from a healthy balance of EC levels, acidity, temperature, air and light. RHIZOTONIC does so during and in the rooting and growing phase. Another important element in RHIZOTONIC is the root-strengthening hormone Oligosaccharide. Scientifi c research has shown its benefi cial effect in the creation of root cells without any negative side effects. Your plants will be certain to get beautiful, strong white roots with RHIZOTONIC.

Benefits of CANNA Rhizotonic •Aids in the immediate generation of lush, new root growth on cuttings and transplants. •When used as a seed soak prior to planting, it will speed up the germination process. •Enhances overall plant growth and chemical reactions in the plant to ensure a healthier, powerful and stronger plant. •Aids in the recovery process of any plant or cutting that has been subjected to stress in any way whatsoever.

CANNA RHIZOTONIC Directions of Use

A vigorous and well developed root system is essential for the development of a strong, productive plant. Rhizotonic contains nutrients derived from marine algae and is used to re-vitalize and energize a poor or new root system.

Rhizotonic is ideal for •Cuttings and plants that need to be repotted •Poor and badly developed plants •Plants which have suffered shock •All media (Soil, Coco, COGr, Hydroponics, can also be used as foliar spray)

Instructions for use •Dosage: 40 ml / 10 Liter - 15 ml / US gallon (1:250) •Use 1 to 6 times daily to the cultivation medium and/or spray directly on the leaves until a strong root system has developed •Decrease dosage to 5 ml / 10 Liter - 2 ml / US gallon (1:2000) after a strong root system has developed •When repotting, one should pre-treat the growing medium with this solution •The results of Rhizotonic are better with low EC, if necessary use during the first few days only Rhizotonic (without other fertilizer)

Rhizotonic is 100% vegetable based and suitable for any growing medium like soil, ‘’Coco’’ and hydroponics.

Other directions •Shake the bottle well before use •Store in a dark place •Keep away from extremes of hot and cold


CANNA additives are products meant for use alongside the main nutrient.

They are not complete nutrients themselves but a way to complete your nutrients during the different stages in the growing cycle of your crop. They are used to improve plant health and yield.

There are four different additives available, all with their own purpose.