Waterproof EcoTester pH1

Waterproof EcoTester pH1
Item# waecph1

Product Description

Ideal for Student, Hydroponics, and Hobbyist use! Economical, pocket sized meter is perfect for less demanding applications Waterproof, dustproof housings float Easy to use; push-button calibration with auto buffer recognition Includes transparent electrode cover / sample cup Push-button calibration, HOLD function, and error messages

OAKTON's new EcoTestr is economical and easy to use. With its crystal clear, ergonomically designed display, you can easily view measurements at a glance. Each rugged tester has waterproof and dustproof housing for use in dirty and damp field conditions. Simply dip and read-the orientation of the display means there's no need to turn your head or tilt the tester Single-junction electrode is well-suited for general purpose applications. Recessed bulb with bulb guard protects against breakage One point calibration with auto-buffer recognition for quick calibrations. Hold function locks in measured value. Auto-off function preserves batteries.

Specifications Range: 0.0 to 14.0 pH Resolution: 0.1 pH Accuracy: 0.1 pH Temperature compensation: none, bring samples and standards to room temperature Calibration: one point Buffer recognition: 4.0, 7.0, or 10.0 Display: three-digit vertical LCD Power: four 1.5 V button cell batteries (included) Battery life: >300 hours Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why are PPM, TDS, pH and EC important? A: PPM and TDS are abbreviations that represent the concentration of elements in a solution or atmosphere. PPM is short for parts per million and TDS for total dissolved solids. EC (electro conductivity) is another form of measurement for TDS. PH is a measure of acidity or alkalinity which dictates plant uptake of particular elements.