Sunshine Advanced Ultra Coir 2.0

Sunshine Advanced Ultra Coir 2.0
Item# SUGRUC20

Product Description

A step up from basic coconut coir for all your hydroponic growing.

Use Ultra Coir alone or as an amendment to add texture to your soil. Ultra coir is a moisture maven. It will hold and release moisture just when plants need it most. The formula is myco-active; we use only high-functioning endo-mycorrhizae useless ecto "filler" strains which will colonize only certain types of trees like spruce and fir.

Ultra coir is guaranteed to be low salt, so you won't ever have to worry about burning your tender plants. Ultra coir is an "eco genius": 100% natural and organic. Used by more pro growers than any other brand so you can grow with confidence.



50.0 lbs.

Package Dimensions:

22.0L x 35.0W x 6.5H