MycoMadness 4 oz.

MycoMadness 4 oz.
Item# hnmma400

Product Description

Not for sale in Hawaii

Myco Madness Soluble contains a biologically active package, 8 mycorrhizal species, 12 beneficial bacteria and 2 Trichoderma species well-suited to a variety of media, soil conditions, climates and plants.

Contains mycorrhizal fungi that colonize plant roots and extend the root system into the surrounding media, greatly enhancing the absorptive surface area of root systems.

Helps in forming an essential link between the plant roots, organic matter and fertilizers of all types. Also included is a specially formulated natural root booster.

Helps plants enjoy improved nutrient and water uptake and superior plant performance.

DIRECTIONS: Soil Application: Mix 0.50 tsp per 1 gallon of non-chlorinated water. Use as a soil drench in porous media. Apply during vegetative stage and for the first two weeks in bloom stage.


Mycorrhiza: Endomycorrhiza/cc Glomus aggregatum 8 spores per cc Glomus intraradices 8 spores per cc Glomus mosseae 8 spores per cc Glomus entunicatum 8 spores per cc Glomus monosporum 2 spores per cc Glomus deserticola 2 spores per cc Glomus clarum 2 spores per cc Tricoderma: Trichoderma koningii 187,000 spores per cc Trichoderma harzianum 187,000 spores per cc Bacteria: Bacillus subtillus 50,000 cfu/cc Bacillus licheniformis 50,000 cfu/cc Bacillus azotoformans 50,000 cfu/cc Bacillus megaterium 50,000 cfu/cc Bacillus coagulans 50,000 cfu/cc Bacillus pumilis 50,000 cfu/cc Bacillus polymyxa 50,000 cfu/cc Sachromyces cervisiae 50,000 cfu/cc Streptomyces griseus 50,000 cfu/cc Streptomyces lydicus 50,000 cfu/cc Pseudomonas aurofaceans 50,000 cfu/cc Pseduomonas fluorescence 50,000 cfu/cc

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does N-P-K stand for on my nutrient?

A: N-P-K is the abbreviated form of Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium within a nutrient formula. The numbers labled on a specific formula represent the percentage of that compound. Ex. 2-6-6 is 2 percent Nitrogen and 6 percent Phosphorus and Potassium.