Hygrozyme, 4 lt

Hygrozyme, 4 lt
Item# siphygro4lt

Product Description

Premiere horticultural enzymatic formula. Enzymes are natural and environmentally friendly. They are catalysts and speed up chemical reactions. Enzymes in a growing medium eat dead protein removing areas where illness develops. Through this breakdown process plants are better able to obtain nutrients. More nutrients, less attacks, allowing plants to grow bigger, stronger, and faster.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why are my roots brown and mushy?

A: The roots have possibly encountered exposure to undesirable temperatures. This causes pythium, a viral attack on roots that leaves a musty smell and viscous coating. All nutrients should be emptied, equipment sterilized i.e. reservoirs, containers, pumps, etc. Contacted plants should be flushed and treated with a beneficial microbial solution.