Doktor Doom Mini Total Release Fogger 3 oz.

Doktor Doom Mini Total Release Fogger 3 oz.
Item# ddtrf3oz

Product Description

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Total Release Foggers are for use in greenhouses, fruit and vegetable storage areas and indoor gardening areas. Used for controlling fungus gnats, spider mites, two-spotted spider mites, aphids, whiteflies, scale, mealy bugs and thrips. No residuals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What should I do if I have spotted bugs or fungus/mildew on my plants?

A: An appropriate treatment should be chosen for whatever the damage entails. If insects are spotted use an insecticide/pesticide or if mold/fungus/mildew is evident use a fungicide treatment. *There are many products that are effective for both* Whether using a liquid spray or aerosol fogger, multiple applications are recommended. Avoid using these products in the heat of the day i.e. direct sunlight, active grow lights.

Q: Why are my roots brown and mushy?

A: The roots have possibly encountered exposure to undesirable temperatures. This causes pythium, a viral attack on roots that leaves a musty smell and viscous coating. All nutrients should be emptied, equipment sterilized i.e. reservoirs, containers, pumps, etc. Contacted plants should be flushed and treated with a beneficial microbial solution.