Daystar AC Reflector - 6" Flange (lens included)

Daystar AC Reflector - 6" Flange (lens included)
Item# da6ac

Product Description

The Daystar AC is the answer for those wanting high performance coupled with maximum air cooling potential. Utilizing the same patented double wall design and reflective material as our flagship Daystar unit, the "AC" adds two 6" built-on flanges for cooling air flow from an optional fan. The 6" diameter encompasses most of the tunnel-like interior ensuring more complete air flow than common air cooled units. This combination allows for closer plant placement plus better growth, and improved ability to control growing area temperatures.

•Same incredible light delivery as the Daystar •Plus 6" flanges for straight through fan-powered supercooling capability •Built in socket and 15' lamp cord for quicker, easier installation; no extra cord set required •Excellent in hotter growing areas •Cooling allows closer-to-plant positioning for best results •Enclosed wire channel protects wiring •Improved fully sealed tempered glass lens included, along with hangers and lighting recommendations •25 year warranty on reflective materials Reflector Size: 7-3/8"H x 12-1/2"W x 22-1/2"L Accepts: Sodium 400,430,600, 1000 - Halide 400, 1000