Crucial Elements Blue Marlin 1000 GPD RO

Crucial Elements Blue Marlin 1000 GPD RO
Item# cebm1000ro

Product Description

The AquaFX™ Blue Marlin Reverse Osmosis unit has been designed to bring you a state of Reverse Osmosis efficiency that has never before been realized, while offering a commercial Reverse Osmosis Unit for a Residential Price. In line with the AquaFX tradition, we start with the best DOW Sheeted ‘Aqua Engineering & Equipment’ RO Membrane which offers the highest rejection rate of any RO element available, hands down. All RO membranes will perform better when met with higher pressures, our membranes also apply to this simple principle. This unit is rated for 1000 Gallons per Day at a test pressure of 100psi. Even when met with less pressure, of say 50 or 60 psi, 600 Gallons per Day can still be achieved, making this a great system to run off of normal line pressure. Waste water ratios for the Blue Marlin can be as low as 1:1 when the appropriate conditions are met. This efficient approach to RO, paired along with our Premium Filter selection will allow you to produce large volumes of RO water for pennies on the dollar.

The AquaFX™ Blue Marlin systems are equipped with the finest accoutrements that can be found worldwide. Starting with a panel mounted (0-160psi) Pressure Gauge that can gauge operating pressures in addition to indicating a clogged pre-filter situation. Keeping pace with your water production, we integrate the prefect selection of pre-filters to assure as little clogging, with as much flow as possible. The Blue Marlin will incorporate 3/8” Tubing over the standard 1/4” for superior flow. Under sizing Tubing, or Micron ratings on filters can severely hinder a systems flow, performance and efficiency.

• Aqua Engineering & Equipment Membranes use DOW TFC Material and boast a 98.6%+ stabilized salt rejection rating. • Pressures of 60psi will be met with 600+ GPD, 100psi will realize 1000 GPD+ • Systems are hand built in the USA by AquaFX™ • Clear Canisters housings and pressure gauges, Heavy duty Mounting Brackets, Quick connect fittings and Hose Adaptor Feed are all standard items • Pre-filtration selection allows for greatest flow with least amount of filter changes. Under sizing Micron ratings can lead to excessive filter changes. • 18,000 Gallons of total Pre-filtration

• Ultra low waste water ratios

• Standard: Dual 20" Carbon Blocks rated at 9000 Gallons/Carbon Block; Equaling a total of 18,000 gallons.

• 4" Stainless Steel Membrane Vessel; which can be mounted in any position.

Post DI is available to offer, ultra pure 18Mohm water.