CO2 Generator, Lp, 1-4 Burners, 2,700-11,200 BTU

Co2 Generator 1-4 Burner
Co2 Generator 1-4 Burner
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Product Description

2,700 - 11,200 BTU

Electronic Ignition Generators GEN1LP and GEN2ENG have electronic ignition and come with 2 burners standard. GEN2ELP and GEN2ENG also have electronic ignition and come with 5 burners standard. If extra burners are needed add them to your order separately.

The GEN-1 is capable of producing between 3 and 13 cubic feet of CO2 per hour. It comes standard with one burner, producing approximately 3 cubic feet per hour. You can add up to 3 additional burners, increasing the unit's capacity up to approximately 13 cubic feet of CO2 per hour. Recommended for small to medium size areas up to 15' x 15'.

LIQUID PROPANE GEN-1 / GEN-2 Propane or Natural Gas Generators Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is one of the easiest ways to accelerate plant growth, producing up to 40% more flowers or fruit. A propane or natural gas CO2 generator is the most cost effective way to add CO2 to your environment. Many greenhouses use CO2 generators to boost CO2 levels safely and economically. C.A.P. has developed some of the safest and most reliable CO2 Generators; capable of producing between 3 and 26 cubic feet of CO2 per hour. Both the GEN-1 and the GEN-2 units feature a "two-stage" safety pilot valve, which will not allow fuel to flow to the burner unless the pilot is lit. They both come with a standard "tip-over" switch which will shut down the fuel to the main burner in the event the unit falls or tips over.

The C.A.P. CO2 Generators Constructed of powder coated steel enclosures that resist moisture, rust and discoloration, the GEN-1 and GEN-2 are manufactured in the USA using only AGA and/or UL listed components that are appropriate for use with both propane and natural gas. The units come complete with a low-pressure, in-line natural gas regulator or the new Type1 style "no-tool-required" propane regulator that makes tank replacement easy and operates up to 100 degrees cooler than other competitive products. GEN-1 and GEN-2 are easily converted from propane to natural gas or vice-versa in less than 10 minutes with an inexpensive kit and are expandable! This allows you to increase the units' capacity to produce CO2 by installing additional burners. Each burner increases the CO2 generating capacity by approximately 3 cubic feet per hour. A Propane Crossover (LXO-1) is available which will allow you to connect 2 propane tanks to your generator and run off of either or both tanks.