Champ pH Tester

Champ pH Tester
Item# hi98106

Product Description

Champ is a rugged pH meter with single point calibration and a battery life of over 1 year even if used for 1 hour everyday. The new design features a larger LCD so measurments are easier to read from any angle. Champ comes with a protective cap that can be used to hold storage solution or as a meaurement vessel. The electrode itself is replaceable by the user and has a non-clogging fiber junction which makes it last much longer. The Champ can be used for Research, Science, Laboratory, Education, Aquariums, Hydroponics, Pools and more. Accuracy (@20C/68F): 0.2 pH Calibration: Manual 1 point Temperature Compensation: NA Battery Type / Life 400 hours

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why are PPM, TDS, pH and EC important? A: PPM and TDS are abbreviations that represent the concentration of elements in a solution or atmosphere. PPM is short for parts per million and TDS for total dissolved solids. EC (electro conductivity) is another form of measurement for TDS. PH is a measure of acidity or alkalinity which dictates plant uptake of particular elements