CAP Co2 Controller w/ PPM Option Temp / Humidity 4 Timer

CAP Co2 Controller w/ PPM Option Temp / Humidity 4 Timer
Item# cap-co2-controller-w-ppm-option-temp--humidity-4-tim24

Product Description

Four timers that are used to control your CO2. Same features as the CO2-2, plus two additional internal timers. The "Overall Cycle timer" allows the user to decide how long the supplemental CO2 is kept in the growing area prior to being exhausted. When the "Overall Cycle" time expires, it turns on the exhaust outlets and enables the "Exhaust Cycle Timer", which controls the amount of time the exhaust fans will run. When complete, the cycle is reset and the CO2 cycle starts again. Can be used with the PPM-1c sensor for unequalled Parts-Per-Million performance. Rated for 15 amps @ 120v.

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CAP WARRANTY CAP controls are warranted to be either rebuilt or replaced at the manufacturer's determination for a period of 3 years of normal use.Modification, misuse or abuse voids this warranty.