Bluelab pH meter with probe

Bluelab pH meter with probe
Item# blu2320

Product Description

Portable, easy-to-use pH meter that accurately measures pH anytime, anywhere to help you maintain optimum levels and improve plant development.

Main Features

Quality pH probe included Calibration solutions included Simple push button pH calibration Auto turn off function Large 13mm (1/2in) digital display for easy reading Low battery indicator 2 x AAA batteries Light weight and portable Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why are PPM, TDS, pH and EC important? A: PPM and TDS are abbreviations that represent the concentration of elements in a solution or atmosphere. PPM is short for parts per million and TDS for total dissolved solids. EC (electro conductivity) is another form of measurement for TDS. PH is a measure of acidity or alkalinity which dictates plant uptake of particular elements