Aqua Flores A & B 1L pair

Aqua Flores A & B 1L pair
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Product Description

Aqua Flores

Aqua Flores is a complete professional nutrient for fast growing plants containing all the essential elements for optimal flowering. Aqua Flores stimulates the fruit formation and provides every plant with its characteristic flavour. Aqua Flores is easy to use, directly dissolves and is extremely suitable for growing with re-circulating hydroponic systems. Aqua Flores nutrition also contains pH-stabilisers, silicon, humic and fulvic acids.

Aqua Flores fulfils the plant’s changing needs now that blooming has begun. During the blooming phase considerably less nitrogen is needed, but there is an increased need for potassium and phosphor.

Aqua Flores is not only rich in these compounds, such as silicic acids, humus acids and fulvic acids, which results in the plant being able to optimally absorb all nutrients, but also in directly absorbable trace elements, which results in an exuberant bloom.

About Aqua

High yields

CANNA Aqua is the nutrition for hydro-culture systems where the nutrient solution is re-used (recycled). No soil or other substrate is necessary for this cultivation method; the Aqua nutrients are fed directly to the plant’s roots. Due to a meticulous control of the supply of nutrients during the growth and blooming phase of fast growing plants, CANNA ensures a mind blow-ing yield with CANNA Aqua. It is no sur-prise that in Great Britain, where most growers work with these systems, the majority of the hydroculture growers choose CANNA Aqua.


Due to the fact that the plant does not absorb all nutrients in equal amounts and speed, the composition and acid level of the nutrient solution changes throughout the course of time. CANNA Aqua is composed in such a way that the plant is always able to absorb a suffi cient amount of the correct nutrient elements and arrange the pH itself. Like this, the pH always remains within the optimum boundaries. The pH fl uctuates within the optimum values of 5.2 and 6.2 (N.B. when the roots strike, this value can be exceed-ed for a moment) and does not need to be adjusted. The graph shows the natural pH development (without adjustments).This makes CANNA Aqua unique compared to all other existing nutrition formulas. Like this, CANNA Aqua simplifies one of the most complex cultivation systems for growers.

Precision cultivation

Hydro growers want to fully control the development of their plants. This is pos-sible because they are able to determine precisely what the plant absorbs. Due to the lack of a substrate, when measuring the nutrient solution a clear image emerges of the nutrition that is available for the plant. A substrate has a buffering capability, which means that sometimes nutrients become available at a later time. In order to provide the plant, in the best way pos-sible, with the correct elements during the various phases of its development, CANNA developed Aqua Vega and Aqua Flores.

Tested through and through

CANNA Aqua was only introduced in 1999 due to CANNA’s strict quality requirements. After years of testing and fi ne-tuning, and an unprecedent-ed high number of cultivation tests in the CANNA RESEARCH laboratories, the correct formula was found.In addition, collaboration took place with a select group of growers on even a greater level than before. This unique combination of laboratory and fi eld tests resulted in an enormous amount of information. The result is that CANNA Aqua distinguishes itself in versatility, stability, yield and ease of use.

Cultivation system of the future

A hydroculture cultivation system may not be lacking in the house of the future. Hydroculture systems can be applied on both a small and large scale and the direct adjustment pos-sibilities make higher yields feasible with the correct nutrition. With the advent of ever more refi ned measure-ment equipment and technological improvements the future of hydroculture systems seems to be positive. These type of systems will provide astronauts with fresh food during Mars expeditions.

Aqua Flores Directions of Use

Professional hydroponic food for re-circulating water systems. A ready to use fertilizer solution is made by diluting A&B concentrates in equal amounts with tap water. •Shake Aqua Flores A and Aqua Flores B well before use •Dosage: 30 ml / 10 Liter - 11 ml / US gallon (1:333) •Stir well and let mixture stand for some hours •Recommended pH: 5.2 - 6.2 •Recommended EC for Aqua Flores A + B is 1.2 - 1.5 mS/cm (Part A plus Part B and assuming source water at 0.0 EC)

Other directions •Never mix the A-concentrate directly with the B-concentrate, as insoluble combinations will occur •Keep out of reach of children •Store in a dark place •Keep away from extremes of hot and cold •Over fertilization has a negative effect on the nutrient mix and plant quality •Not to be used in protected nature reserves, reed beds or waters or near groundwater collecting areas •If the solution comes in contact with the skin or eyes, rinse with water